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AEG L61470BI Integrated Washing Machine (7kg & 1400rpm Spin)

Thanks to quality construction and design from AEG, the L61470BI is a reliable and efficient integrated washing machine.

The L61470BI comes with a total of 12 wash programmes to meet all your needs and accommodate to a range of fabrics. AEG has also fitted this integrated model with some extensive safety features. The double walled inlet hose and intelligent overflow prevention system prevents any water leaking. If water was to magically find an escape route though, the water detection switch would spot it and sound an alarm so you could take swift action.

This functional and reliable washing machine from AEG has a large drum capacity of 7kg; this will wash 35 T-shirts or a double duvet per load, which is ideal for medium sized families.

With the ‘A’ rating for wash performance, you are guaranteed a washing machine that washes your clothes effectively and efficiently.

The ‘A++’ energy efficiency rating will help you keep your clothes clean while keeping your energy bills down!

Winner of a Which? Best Buy award in washing machines.

Key Features

High-capacity drum – washes big loads perfectly

Built-in washer with 7kg capacity

A++ washing machine – 20% more energy efficient than standard class A

Aqua-Control system with alarm for full water-damage protection

AEG L61470BI 7kg integrated washing machine

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